Race Details

Our event includes three races, a bike/run short course for 5-8 year olds, a run/bike/run long course for 8-12 year olds, and a short course bike only event for 3-5 year olds. The bike and run courses are completely separated and all on car free trails or roads.

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Packet Pick UP

Saturday, July 27th from 12pm-3pm at Cyclemania, 65 Cove Street, Portland. We strongly encourage everyone to pick up their packets on Saturday.

If you can’t make it, you must make advance arrangements with the Race Director to pick up at Payson Park before the race on Sunday.

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Race Day

6:45am - Transition opens
7:40am - Announcements & national anthem
7:50 - Pre-Race warmup/stretch in place
7:55am - Waves for 5-8 year old race line up and Race 1 transition closes
8:00am - Race 1 starts, waves will start every 2 mins
8:30am - (or when last Race 1 athlete is off the course) Race 2 athletes line up and transition closes
8:35am - Race 2 starts (no waves)
9:30am - (or when all Race 2 athletes are off the course) waves for Race 3 line up
9:35am - Race 3 starts, waves will start every 2 mins

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Transition will be at the field in front of Payson Park with separate transition areas for each race. Bike and run courses are on Baxter Boulevard and the Back Cove Trail. The race course will be closed to vehicle traffic.

Race 1 - 5-8 years
1 mile bike (out and back on the road)
1/3 mile run (out and back on trail)
4 waves. Training wheels will go last.

Race 2 - 8-12 years
1 mile run (out and back on trail)
3.5 mile bike (one way on road to Vannah Ave and then athletes turn onto and continue one way on Back Cove Trail to finish)
1 mile run (out and back on trail)

Race 3 - 3-5 years
1 mile bike (out and back on the road)
Someone 16 or older must walk/run alongside. 2-3 waves. This race is not timed.